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Playcraft Wheaton 8' Slate Pool Table

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The Playcraft Wheaton with its precision carved legs and double arched aprons brings to mind the classically designed pool table. Featuring machined components and finely honed slate, the Wheaton is engineered for a quality assembly and a lifetime of reliable play. All components assemble via machined bolts and threaded inserts. K55 canvas backed high performance 100pct gum rubber cushions are used for the best available rebound performance. Hand finished as the color Briar, the stains are hand applied and burnished for a beautiful finish. The Wheaton slate pool table meets all BCA standards and includes a 1 year warranty. More than just beautiful furniture, the high-quality materials and construction will ensure many years of enjoyable billiards with family and friends!

INSTALLATION: Professional installation included. Will not sell without pro installation.

DESIGN: The Wheaton made with select hardwoods features precision carved legs and double arched aprons that brings to mind the classically designed pool table 

SUPERIOR REBOUND: The rails include K55 profile gum rubber cushions that provide a superior, dependable rebound

PREMIUM SLATE: The 3-piece slate system consists of 1 thick backed slate that has been book matched and each piece honed to 1000th of an inch. The leveling hardware allows for micro adjustments during installation

INCLUDED: Choice of 21 cloth colors and 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Assembled Dimensions:  101” L x 57” W x 33” H

Weight:  850 lbs

Playfield = 44” x 88”