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Canada Billiard

Majesty Pool Table

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White (Maple Only) Black (Maple and Oak Only) Natural (Maple and Oak Only) Caramel (Maple and Oak Only) Medium Walnut (Maple and Oak Only) Colonial (Maple and Oak Only) Scandinave Gray (Maple and Oak Only) Shadow Gray (Maple and Oak Only) Antique (Maple and Oak Only) Midnight Stroll (Maple and Oak Only) Bordeaux (Maple and Oak Only) Victorian (Maple and Oak Only) Chocolate (Maple and Oak Only) Tuxedo (Maple and Oak Only) Walnut ($) Mahogany ($) Cherry ($)
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Basic Green Championship Green Dark Green Camel Euro Blue Navy Burgundy Wine Black Red Olive Taupe Electric Blue Golden Khaki Academy Blue Purple Brown Steel Gray Titanium Charocoal Aztec Brick
Woolen Proline is a napped billiard cloth included with all our pool tables. Upgrade to the higher quality Worsted billiard cloth for enhanced playability and durability.
Includes 4 paddles, 6 balls and net
Professional installation recommended for optimal play performance. Available within 200 miles of our New Haven, CT showroom.

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The Majesty from CANADA BILLIARD is assembled piece by piece and each one are fitted together and numbered in our workshop just like in the good old days. Long-established symbol of the CANADA BILLIARD absolute quality, this table, entirely made of solid wood, still commands respect and admiration for those who enjoy it daily as well as for the craftsmen responsible for its conception. The nobility of its graceful lines can only enhance the most lavish home decoration.

  • Solid Wood (Red Oak, Maple ($), Walnut ($))
  • Legs (Ball & Claw, Ram's Head)
  • 1" Framed Slate (7', 8', 9', 10')
  • 1½" Unframed Slate (12')
  • Leg Levellers
  • Rubber Cushions ("Master Speed")

    Available Sizes: 

    • 3.5x7 7 foot pool table Ram’s Head
    • 3.5x7 7 foot pool table Ball & Claw
    • 4x8 8 foot pool table Raw’s Head
    • 4x8 8 foot pool table Ball & Claw
    • 4.5x9 9 foot pool table Raw’s Head
    • 4.5x9 9 foot pool table Ball & Claw
        CANADA BILLIARD is pleased to offer an unsurpassed LIFETIME GUARANTEE TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER against defects in material and workmanship, provided installation and/or service is performed by an Authorized Dealer or a factory-approved installer. Cloth, pockets and rail cushions are not covered under this guarantee. CANADA BILLIARD warrants that those specific parts are to be free from defects at date of installation.

        ALL CLAIMS MUST BE MADE THROUGH COASTAL POOL AND GAME ROOM. Parts returned for warranty service are to be shipped «prepaid». Those parts found to be defective will be repaired or replaced by CANADA BILLIARD at its sole discretion, and returned «prepaid» by conventional surface freight carrier. Any costs or charges required to disassemble, prepare for return and reassemble will be the sole responsibility of the owner. This guarantee does not imply the replacement of the entire pool table but does cover the replacement or repair of such parts that may prove to be defective.

        This guarantee does not apply to damage resulting from transit, moving, abuse, misuse, accident, alteration, neglect, climatic conditions, normal wear and tear, fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural calamity. Billiard tables used in an institutional or commercial application are not covered by this guarantee.