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Classic Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table

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The Classic Bank Shot Shuffleboard Table is just that, a classic. Its clean lines and neutral woodtone color make it an easy choice for any home or business. The Classic Bank Shot shuffleboard table is the true bumper style play offering a full 24” wide playfield with 4’ cushioned bumpers and corner 5 scoring.

  • Available in 9′ size, 108” L x 32” W x 32” H / Weight: 450 lbs. 
  • Traditional Cushion scoring with 5’s in the corners
  • Cabinet is constructed of plywood with a high density laminate covering for maximum stability and durability
  • Two wooden pedestal legs with threaded rubber-padded levelers that are easily adjusted with a standard wrench
  • Optional scoring unit and lights available • Includes: weights (pucks), Triple Crown Yellow Ice wax and Maintenance Kit, rules and ‘how to play’ information
  • Standard red billiard cloth covers cushions
  • 1 3/4″ thick x 24”W playing surface, coated with Venture Shuffleboard’s exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer
  • Table gutters are tongued and grooved into frame for maximum strength 
  • Climatic adjusters tailor to your geographic location and time of year