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Vision Billiards

Our Vision

We strive to remain at the top of our industry and to push the limits of form while maintaining the highest level of function in our collections.

Our History

Vision Billiards is the American branch of Bilijardai, a Lithuanian pool table manufacturer that has been manufacturing tables in Europe since 1994. Since then, we have been leaders and innovators in our industry as well as the best selling convertible table manufacturer in Europe. We continue to manufacture our tables in Lithuania. However, in 2013, we introduced our convertible tables to the U.S. market. We have been expanding ever since. We are a family run company. We are proud of our achievements as well as the quality of our tables.

Our Collections

We specialize in luxury Convertible Pool Tables but also offer traditional tables, as well as tables for other games including Russian Pyramid, Carom, Snooker, Poker and Table Tennis.

Our Value

We are able to keep our prices competitive because we keep our overheard costs low. We run small company with a large reach. We cut costs to keep our prices low but we never cut our quality! We spare no expense to provide superb quality tables.

Our Quality

Our tables are made of the finest materials on the market. Our tables are made from solid birch, oak and ash wood, quality slates and professional grade clothes. We offer an array of beautiful designs as well as custom and bespoke tables for the full experience of luxury.

Our Accomplishments


Our tables have won multiple international design awards and have been selected as the official game table for numerous professional billiards tournaments.

Best Selling

We have been manufacturing convertible pool tables longer than most companies in the industry and remain the best selling in Europe.


Our tables have been sold in dozens of countries around the world from Japan to Dubai. Our tables are renowned for their superior quality and beauty.