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How To Create A REAL MAN Cave

July 03, 2020 3 min read

It’s now more important than ever to have a man cave space at home. A place to relax, unwind and get away for a bit. Or maybe you want a good place to enjoy with the family and keep everyone occupied. Either way, creating a chill, fun and entertaining man cave is a great addition for any home. If you plan accordingly, it can be a really exciting and enjoyable project.

You must consider 3 very important things before building your mancave: The Man Cave Layout, The Man Cave Theme, and The Man Cave Games.

The Man Cave Layout 

Don’t buy your electronics, furniture or games before you plan out how everything will fit inside your Man Cave.  

You may have electrical adjustments to the wiring of your space or maybe some additional outlets. Have you considered how much electricity you may need? A mini-fridge, TV, and games are typical additions to most man caves. If you are planning on having 4 to 5 arcade games, you may need to hire an electrician to adjust your breaker. Make sure that your space can accommodate everything you need to plug in. It will also be important to find studs within the walls and the proper equipment to mount with if you want to hang anything heavy, like a T.V or sign.

Lighting is also very important to consider early. Stay away from fluorescents, as they can contribute to migraines and are typically way too bright. Find some adjustable and warm ceiling lights so you can adjust the lighting based on the time of day. If you want to bring some color, the old traditional neon bar signs are fun and classic. 

You also want to consider the plumbing of the space. Do you want a bar with a sink? Maybe you want a bathroom for quick access for your guests? It is much easier to set up plumbing if it’s one of the first projects you tackle.

Lastly, you want to consider the temperature, a cave full of games and people can get hot pretty quickly so it might be best to get air conditioning for those warmer months.

The Man Cave Theme

Before you purchase every piece for your cave, you might want to consider what feeling you want to create. What theme evokes your personality and is identifiably you? Each piece must be chosen with your theme in mind or you can really throw off the whole atmosphere. You don’t want your man cave to look like a patchwork, so make it a united space. Here are a few awesome themes that are easy to create:

Rustic and Strong

If going for a strong and rustic feel, metal and wood pair nicely. Industrial looking pieces with unfinished or raw materials can pair well with metallic and rusty edges. The best part is that they are usually expensive and can come from repurposed materials. There are a lot of great wood bar signs out there that you can add to complete the look.

50s Juke Theme

For a classic 50s theme, try a black and white checkered floor with some vintage pin-up art, a few neon signs and classic vintage games. You will be sure to find artwork at any vintage shop. Darts, Pool, and shuffleboard are great ways to complete the look. Cigars are the best compliment to a vintage setting. You might want to purchase a humidor to keep your cigars fresh. A jukebox will also bring the nostalgia you crave.

80s Retro Arcade

Maybe you want a classic retro Arcade? Try 80s music and movie posters to hang on the walls and be sure to incorporate lots of bright and fun neon colors. Don’t forget to add your favorite boom box to crank out your favorite 80s tunes. You can also display your favorite 80s video game characters on the wall like Pacman or Donkey Kong!

Minimal and Modern

If you have a more modern taste, a minimal look is best. Find pieces that are simple yet sophisticated in design. Pick 2 to 4 main colors and stick to them. Modern man caves look best when they have one or two stand out signature pieces that draw your attention. A sleek and sexy game table is sure to be a show stopper. Also- don’t be afraid of windows, especially when going for a modern look. It opens the space and breathes life into a minimalist room. To keep a clean and simple look, consider a projector instead of a TV so it’s out of view when you are not watching it.