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Buying Used Pool Tables

July 30, 2020 2 min read

You can find used pool tables, game tables, and shuffleboards on eBay, Craiglist, and other classifieds sites. But ‘Buyer Beware’ should be included on each of those listings. Lack of accountability on those sites make you - the buyer - shoulder all of the liability. Here are some tips for ensuring you’re getting the best pool table deal for the best price.

Game Table Quality Check

Quality, brand name tables hold their value through time and you can often find yourself paying close to retail price for one of these tables. No surprise there - quality is timeless. 

If you are in search of mint condition tables, they are typically passed down through family and friends. Ask your friend network before scouring other websites for finding a family heirloom for cheap.

Ask for additional pictures for the seller. If the seller is unwilling to take a picture in conditions that may not be optimal for the picture - that’s a red flag right there!

Pool Table Delivery And Installation

Does the seller provide delivery and installation? Typically on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, the seller is just looking to get the product out the door and have you do all the heavy lifting. The amount of times we hear our clients’ stories about having to do all this is a shake of the head worthy moment. Sellers - meet them somewhere in the middle at least!

We put together a program for folks who don’t want to deal with that headache. It’s ourGently used pool tables service. With white glove delivery and installation within 100 miles of Milford, CT we pick up and deliver any used game tables. We stand by our products and services, so including a 6-month warranty on installation and level of table was a no-brainer!

Pay Now Or Pay Later?

Everyone prefers cash, but we know sometimes that’s not an option. We want to make the shopping process easier for you! OurEasy Financing option allows you to play now and pay later. Big shout out to our partnerKlarna (Swedish for smoother shopping) to make this happen for our loyal clients.

It only takes three steps to complete your purchase. No APR on your Pool Table purchase? Not bad. Choosing Klarna as your payment option, entering some simple information to get approval - that’s it! 

Shop Local

Search your area for a reliable local with a history of excellent service - reviews are key here. See what others have to say about a vendor's service. If you are within 100 miles of Milford, CT - we can help you out! If not, reach out anyway and maybe we can work something out. Reach out to 

But, that’s enough of us talking. We’ll give the stage over to one of our clients, Terri Olson, “I reached out to Chaz looking for a used pool table for our program. Not only did he find us one; he picked it up, delivered it and set it up for the kids at Teen Center at Manchester Youth Service Bureau for FREE! He had such a positive attitude and was genuinely happy to help us out.”